The original GoStream site has been created many years ago and today it no loger exists but there are a few other sites that recreated the GoStream experience by using a similar design and colors, good quality of movies and tv series, a big database, fast loading and many other good options. Even if this brand is not as popular as it used to be, there are still many people who choose GoStream as their first option when it comes to watching movies and tv shows online for free. GoStream is available to anyone with a device and internet access and does not require registration. This kind of websites are changing their addresses very often so don't worry if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will block one of them because it will come back in a short time.

A bit of online streaming history: What is GoStream?

If you are a veteran in online probably you heard about YIFY Torrents also known as YTS. To explain it the simpler way, YTS was created before the sites like 123Movies or GoStream, so it was the solution at that time for online movies streaming. It was based on peer-to-peer to distribute all the content like movies or shows in HD quality with small file size and everyone loved it. YTS's first online appearance was in 2010 and 5 years later, after it gained a lot of popularity, in 2015 MPAA closed it. Even if the original website never came back, lots of clones grew up out of nowhere in order to replace YTS.

GoStream Site Alternatives

  1. 0123movies is clearly known as the most popular streaming website of all times. It has a past similar with YIFY Torrents because both of them were closed after they gained a lot of popularity and visitors. 123Movies, same as YTS, continue to exist a very long time after being shutted down thanks to numerous websites that tried to clone it. Today, after so many years, you can still go on 123Movies and watch any movie or tv show you want for free in HD quality, a proof that those sites will never die.

  2. Putlocker started its activity approximately in the same time with 123Movies but never succeeded to become as popular as its rival. Putlocker is still a very good website which has to offer us thousands of movies and episodes for free without registration. All you have to do in order to watch movies on Putlocker is access their website, search for the productions you preffer and watch it with just one click. We recommend you to use any kind of adblocker to get rid of any pops and ads.

  3. CouchTuner is the last one in our list, it doesn't mean it is a less good website than the other. CouchTuners is a streaming site with a design inspired by 123Movies and it has an impressive collection of movies and tv series available in HD quality. On Couch Tuner is very easy to search for your favorite movies because this site is using lots of content filters such as genres, years, networks, actors, rating, popularity and many more. It is a pretty good website and you will figure out how to use it very fast because is similar to other streaming sites.